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Xylos provides ICT solutions that contribute to the success of an organization. This ranges from strategic advice on digital transformation to guiding users through this change. We do this with a pool of cool and talented colleagues. And we are always looking for new ones, as continuous growth is our motto. You have reached this site, so you've already taken the first step. Ready for the next one?

Let us briefly explain about who Xylos actually is. We go back to 1984. No, not the book by George Orwell, but the year in which Marvin Gaye died and Xylos saw the light of day. Founder and driving force of this software company is Christian Leysen, who today still has a seat on the Board of Directors. The company has completed an impressive course over the past years!

Vandaag is Xylos een marktleider met kantoren in Brussel, Antwerpen, Gent en Herentals. Marktleider waarin dan? We zeggen het graag als volgt ‘We enable the digital evolution by closing the gap.’ Die gap, die ruimte, is het verschil tussen wat een bedrijf met technologie zou kunnen doen en het er werkelijk mee doet. Daar is steeds een grote stap vooruit te zetten. People Centric Digital Transformation, zo vatten we het samen.

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